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Sunday’s Games

Extreme Croquet for the Winter?

Fine but overcast weather greeted an enthusiastic band of players and guests at the Binghams on Sunday.  There was a good enough turn out for their to be two games.  I shall confine my remarks to the game in which Jenny Chishick and her sister (aided and abetted by Peter Mackenzie-Smith) took on Nick Bingham and myself.

Playing white and pink off the south baulk line at the valley end of the lawn our opponents set off at a cracking pace leaving us dawdling around the first hoop.

Croquet Lawn

With the playing slowing as a result of slight dampness and errant leaves we watched our opponents race to a 5 point advantage.  However, we maintained our strategy of formally conservative play and began a progressive assault on the lawn.  Jenny Chishick played with the customary élan and Peter as eminence grise guided his charges to maintain their competitive advantage.  However, congestion around hoops caused by meeting players from the other game combined with a slight loss of concentration eroded their advantage.

Nick and I, concentrating on improving our accuracy and maintaining tactical restraint made steady progress, our confidence and competitive edge improving with each success.  By the time we reached 4-back our opponent’s lead had been cut to a single point.  We were not deflected from our purpose by Peter’s carefully-laid tices and we gained the lead at the penultimate hoop.

With our opponents pink through the rover a stunning rush from Nick pegged it out.  It was a tactical move that caused us some nervousness as our balls were scattered with the peg within sight if not grasp.  However, the tenacity that had sustained us throughout the game sustained us still and we pegged out bringing an exciting and rewarding game to a close.


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