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Back at the Club

The first two official games of the season.  Saturday 15th May saw members convene to play the newly laid lawn and test themselves with our new hoops.

Enough players turned out for there to be two games simultaneously. A good number of folk also turned out for our regular session on Sunday morning.

The lawn played extremely fast and the new hoops produced plenty of , ‘I would have have got that through with the old hoops!’ sorts of comments.

It was most gratifying to welcome new players on both Saturday and Sunday.  From henceforth, we’ll aim to play on Sundays at 1100 and we’re exploring the option of a weekday evening session as well.  More details of this will be posted as they emerge.


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First Game of the Season

April 26th being the Feast of Basil, the Holy Martyr Bishop of Amasea and Glaphyra the Righteous, Michael St. Clair-George and Richard Marsh accepted Peter Mackenzie Smith’s kind invitation to play croquet on his lawn at Backfield End, or, as we must now call it L’Arrière Champ du Chemin du Mort.  The weather was set fair and Peter’s new hoops (a Christmas present from an adoring family) made a splendid addition and challenge to his lawn.

Mr St. Clair-George claimed the status of a neophyte having never played the game before.  This correspondent wishes, politely, to challenge this assertion.


Paired with Peter Mackenzie Smith, he proved himself an admirable player adjusting his play to the eccentricities of the lawn. Starting from the southern baulk line, Peter essayed an opening that he had come across in a book that he had received  for Christmas (a sign of a family all-too-keen to indulge his hobbies!).  However, this appeared to offer little immediate advantage and the tice was ignored by Richard who set off in entirely the opposite direction.

The game itself was somewhat predictable given Peter’s familiarity with the topography of the lawn and Michael’s great ability to hit the ball generally in the right direction. Richard’s game was somewhat affected by the outfallings of the eruption of  Eyjafjallajökull, an excuse that he had better deploy now since it will not be available later in the season!  Despite brief moments of competence he was soundly beaten 26-16 by Messrs. Mackenzie Smith and St.Clair-George.

Eyjafjallajökull causes Croquet disruption

The game being over, the party celebrated in customary fashion and enjoyed a spirited discussion about the forthcoming national plebiscite, laying modest wagers on its outcome.

Anyway, to whet appetites, here’s a video

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